Who are FLS?

Freight Logistics Solutions (FLS) is one of the UK’s leading providers of end-to-end supply chain solutions. FLS offer logistical solutions derived from working backgrounds and expertise in operational, supply chain and logistics – with the ultimate business purpose of improving our clients’ transport service levels whilst reducing costs.

FLS have a vast global network of preferred suppliers and quality carriers, meaning that you benefit from improved security, guaranteed service levels, greater flexibility, traceability and time-definite deliveries.

FLS offer a range of services to suit all clients’ freight handling needs from occasional transport usage right through to organisations looking to completely outsource their transport management department.


Globally known for our ability to handle every last detail of our customers’ particular logistics and forwarding needs, FLS take care of all your logistics.

Why us?

Sector Expertise

Through the directors and teams experience and exposure of supply chain and our partnerships with logistics companies and UK and European haulage companies we strive to optimize service, price, and flexibility to our customers


Freight logistics solutions 24/7 service delivery ensures our clients are getting agreed standards every time. We monitor all service levels through mutually agreed key performance indicators and guide supply chain through monitored performance levels.

With Service being our upmost focus we strive for long term partnerships providing value, referrals and growth opportunities. The service model in place is concentrated upon 5 key elements:

  • Account management
  • Management information
  • Security and Legislation
  • Productivity and quality
  • Value for service

This service model underpins everything freight forwarding represents and that is “Delivery”.


By utilizing freight logistic solutions we offer to optimize the shipping process through
‘Tracking systems’ – Ability to track your purchase order from origin start to destination no matter what time of day it is through an online portal.
Enhanced cargo Insurance –insure your cargo from door-to- door, not just while in transit on the carrier mode of transportation.

How we deliver…

The core business values of FLS has generated our service model and this is the foundation for all the services that we provide.

Speed of response – Time monitored performance and KPI against deliverables for all aspects of the transport requirement from point of booking to point of delivery

Quality of supply chain – A global supply chain accepted through our preferred supplier process that are framework allocated and have continuous performance measured

Communication – A 24 hour service, based from our headquarters, to support your business needs and global time requirements

Value for Services – Optimise pricing structure throughout our supply chain, from effective loading schedules to offering our volume based discounts to our customers

Compliance – Our network of vehicles and companies have undergone a preferred supplier set up process with a stringent and visible audit procedure for all documentation

Who we work with…

FLS work with companies across a range of sectors varying in size and transport requirements. This includes clients who have multi-site and service requirements to a client with single transport requirement.

At FLS we provide a personalised service solution gained from an understanding of our clients’ needs. We provide complete visibility of costings and service undertaken within the transport operation, offering information to support business improvements and savings where necessary.
We can save you from between 5% to 25% of your company’s transport spend depending on the requirements and current positioning.

Our unique approach

The FLS differential is that we are not solely a transport company, a freight forwarder or an outsourced supply management provider but more a combination of all three. FLS provide multiple services that give a one-stop solution to our clients’ needs with in excess 40,000 quality carriers, working in 17 regional clusters around the globe, delivering operational excellence around the clock.The benefit for our clients is that they can adopt their usage of FLS as needed to suit their business, supporting the management of demand, trends and projects.

  • Full range of vehicles options
  • In excess of 40,000 quality carriers globally
  • Visible supply chain vetting and audits
  • Express, road, air and warehousing services• Fully outsourced transport solutions
  • Regular European routes
  • All export documentation managed
  • Prompt POD returns
  • Enhanced insurances
  • Project management and seasonal peak fulfilment
  • Save between 5% and 25% on logistics costs

What We Offer


At FLS we are able to change carrier preferences, when the needs of your business change. Flexibility to reduce costs through utilisation of efficient carrier options, and time saving through changeable carrier options. Flexibility in contractual costs with no predefined rates and the offer of variation of carrier and transit times.

One point of contact

The removal of multi-haulage usage costs through one point of contact and one invoice. Ability to provide savings on direct employment costs and savings through the vetting of carriers, brokers and insurances.

Supply Chain

Through our supply chain of freight forwarders, logistics companies, UK and European haulage companies we can optimize the service, price, transit and flexibility thus ensuring enhanced service and cargo rates to the buyer client. The supply chain also presents network based opportunity to support business needs


Shippers don’t want to be liable for surrendering all their cargo to one specific company. Freight Logistics Solutions utilise a supply chain of carriers to produce a lower rate through high volume discount, but also cost saving by utilising this client portfolio and matching needs for shipping product on same routes.

Door to Door Service

Most logistical problems happen during the “last mile” of transport because this is the most technical with having to deal with technical problems with local customs compliance and complex regulations.