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FLS forward

The freight forward service for variable transport requirements.

FLS forward offers variable freight shipping solutions that gives you flexible and scalable capacity when you need it by providing you with access to the UK’s largest network of engaged vehicles.

With FLS forward you receive benefits including:

  • Instant pricing – for immediate and future availability
  • Trusted carriers – offering a full range of vehicles
  • UK and International – dedicated road movements
  • Load visibility – digital, key status notifications
  • Express options – vehicles on your site within the hour for UK and International movements
  • Post load notifications – providing globally accredited carbon emissions data
  • 24/7 availability – delivered through our expert support team

Requests for transport and quote requirements can be made via the FLS forward team who are available on:
01633 288400 or by email: [email protected]


Trusted UK and International Road Freight Transport


Gavin Clarke – Director

Our services have been specifically designed to deliver freight transport the way you want it, but above all improve client service success, profitability, and carbon savings.

Ensuring your freight is on the best vehicle


  • STD Pallets (non-stacked) 2
  • Length 2.4m
  • Width 1.6m
  • Height 1.3m
  • Payload 600kg


  • STD Pallets (non-stacked) 3
  • Length 3.6m
  • Width 1.6m
  • Height 1.6m
  • Payload 800kg


  • STD Pallets (non-stacked) 4
  • Length 4.0m
  • Width 1.8m
  • Height 1.8m
  • Payload 1000kg


  • STD Pallets (non-stacked) 4
  • Length 4.2m
  • Width 1.7m
  • Height 1.8m
  • Payload 1200kg


  • STD Pallets (non-stacked) 5/6
  • Length 4.2m
  • Width 1.9m
  • Height 2m
  • Payload 1000kg

7.5 Ton

  • STD Pallets (non-stacked) 9
  • Length 6m
  • Width 2.3m
  • Height 2.2m
  • Payload 2400kg

18 Ton

  • STD Pallets (non-stacked) 15
  • Length 9m
  • Width 2.4m
  • Height 2.4m
  • Payload 9000kg

Artic Flatbed

  • STD Pallets (non-stacked) 24
  • Length 13.6m
  • Width 2.4m
  • Height Route restrictions
  • Payload 24000kg

Artic Curtain Tautliner & Box (Standard)

  • STD Pallets (non-stacked) 26
  • Length 13.6m
  • Width 2.4m
  • Height 2.6-2.7m
  • Payload 24000kg

Artic Curtain Tautliner & Box (Tall)

  • STD Pallets (non-stacked) 26
  • Length 13.6m
  • Width 2.4m
  • Height 2.9m
  • Payload 24000kg

Temperature Controlled

  • STD Pallets (non-stacked) 26
  • Length 13.6m
  • Width 2.4m
  • Height 2.6-2.9m
  • Payload 24000kg

Mega Artic

  • STD Pallets (non-stacked) 26
  • Length 13.6m
  • Width 2.4m
  • Height 3.1m
  • Payload 24000kg

Dedicated vehicle's across the UK and EU


road freight services

By utilising FLS road freight services, you will gain access to every possibility of road delivery solution for transporting your goods. From part load and full load services throughout the UK and Europe through a full range of vehicles:

  • Vans – SWB, LWB, Luton, tail lift
  • 5.5T – Curtain side
  • 7.5T – Curtain side, box, tail lift
  • 18T – Including tail lifts and pump trucks
  • Artic – Curtain side, Tautliner, Bulk and Mega Trailers LST
  • HIAB – Tailored to specific movements
  • Flatbeds – Side pins and posts

With over 14,000 carriers on our books accessing over 50,000 vehicles, we offer highly reliable door to door deliveries with daily departures across the UK and Europe, transporting a wide range of products and types of goods through our network, providing the most cost-effective and efficient solution to deliver your freight to its destination.

Taking care of your every freight transport requirement

Green Freight

What is Green Freight?

Green freight refers to a collection of technologies and practices that improve the efficiency of the freight transport and provide a means to benchmark and track performance. Green freight programs promote these technologies and practices across the freight sector to help cut costs, track carbon, and benefit the environment.   

Domestic and international freight activity will quadruple by 2050 if trends persist. With estimates that the sector is responsible for 10% or all carbon emissions, and heavy-goods vehicles account for a disproportionate share of oil consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and air pollution, and so represent an important target for emissions control through the adoption of fuel-efficiency and emissions-control technologies.

But… decarbonising freight is more challenging than other sectors of the economy, and technology alone will not be sufficient to achieve this goal. A systems approach will be needed—one that includes advanced vehicle technologies and measures to make freight collection and delivery more ergonomic and shift freight to the most sustainable modes and optimise supply chain activity.

Numerous green freight programs and related efforts have developed around the world in the past decade. Most of these programs have developed a variety of approaches to promote the adoption of energy-saving and emission reducing strategies. Their focus, the types and numbers of members, and their data collection, performance benchmarking, and reporting methodologies depend on the transport modes they address, the pollutants and performance metrics of interest, and their geographic regions.

Whilst FLS is a fleet free company, there are two distinct ways we deliver a green freight policy.

The carriers we select for routes make a huge contributing to emissions both directing from fuel used and the manufacture of the fuel needed. So to mitigate this impact we:

  • Select the closest carrier to the freight collection point.
  • Can that carrier make another delivery on route to reduce empty miles.
  • Choose the shortest most fuel-efficient route to destination.
  • After delivery, can we fill that vehicle with another close by load to bring them home or close to next collection point. (return load)
  • An empty journey means another vehicle is travelling alongside you with freight you could have been carrying.

Many Hauliers can only provide you with a vehicle that’s available in their yard, using a company like FLS and its huge pool of carriers means we can select the nearest available vehicle for your collection, not only do you get your vehicle on site quicker it has of course produced fewer emissions getting to you.



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For more information on our freight transport services please call us on 01633 288 400

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