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Drive for Freight Logistics Solutions

Industry Leading Carrier Portal App

Manage your fleet profile, quotes, job status, pods and invoicing with our smart phone or desktop cloud app.

Over 500 customers

FLS manage transport orders for over 500 manufacturing customers across the UK and Europe.

Regular routes and channels

Ad hoc, weekly and contracted routes are available across the UK and Europe to fit your fleet availability.

Your outsourced sales team

Once a preferred supplier status – you let us know what you need filled on a weekly basis – we fill it.

Return Load Planning

Maximise your revenue from every journey by using FLS to fill your return journey or empty vans and trailers.

Secure, Award winning & fast growth

With 20 Transport Planners, we are your freight forwarding partner of choice – honest, friendly and professional.

Do you operate more than one vehicle?
The FLS Carrier Portal, a cloud-based software platform for you

The FLS Carrier Portal is a cloud-based software platform that makes subcontracting faster, more intelligent, more environmentally friendly and more transparent for you, us and our clients.

If you are already a member of the CX or HX network – even easier! they are completely integrated with our system – you can just use that.

Subcontracting that is faster, more intelligent, more environmentally friendly and more transparent for us and our clients

FLS and our transport partners benefit from true, real-time visibility and alerts for freight status. Quote and run your jobs from the palm of your hand with the freight vision app. Keeping our team and our customers ‘in the loop’ on transport status at all times.

It’s not just about geo tracking, the platform matches our available loads to be filled with your available ‘vehicle specific’ capacity – based on real-time location data, planned journeys and future vehicle locations.

Owners and/or drivers simply download the app from Apple or Google to effectively manage and grow your business with us.

Organisations with more than 1 vehicle can use the subcontractor version of the FLS Carrier Portal to quote, allocate received bookings, match specific vehicles and manage their fleet profile availability, invoices, accounts and of course PODs.


To apply to join our preferred suppliers’ list, for username and password – please call the Business Support Team on
01633 28 8400 or email [email protected]

Digital order management

Fleet profile management and telematic integrations

Automated bookings

Route Assistance

Full visibility and accounting

Electronic PODs, and invoicing

Easy upload and management of PODS

At FLS we focus on getting our business as digital as possible, building resilience to the operational impacts of the pandemic, improving our clients experience.

FLS genuinely want to get you paid for the work you do as quickly as we can, in turn, we can improve payment conditions with our clients.

Inside the portals finance manager you have the option for NEXT DAY PAYMENT.

As we know the corner stone to this is PODs, when we receive your invoice our system needs a POD(s) assigned for it to clear for payment, equally our CLIENT PORTAL access’ these PODs for our clients to see and check the PODs for their clients.

Many of our carriers are already benefiting from the use of the FLS Carrier Portal – but we do seek carriers commitment – and in particular the timely submission of PODS via the portal. (or through our integrations with CX, HE, EuroCX)

If this is unfamiliar aspect of using our Carrier Portal (or CX etc), we would love to get you onboarded with this – ITS EASY! and for you to start to feel some of the benefits of this system.

FLS Carrier Portal

The App

Our FLS driver App is the perfect way for our carriers to see all of our available loads at their fingertips.

The FLS App means you stay connected to the FLS Carrier Portal on the move. Once registered Drivers simply update their real-time availability status and ‘return journeys’. They can receive and respond to notifications of available jobs directly on their mobile and quote costs and availability throughout the UK and Europe.

Our system will post job details and then booking confirmation and instructions once job rates are agreed. The driver can use our app across the duration of the job, so our system can see where they are and what their status is (in transit, waiting, resting, tipping, completed). Drivers can scan and submit signed PODs, CMRS straight into our backend system.

FLS wants our partners to see true real-time visibility and alerts for freight opportunities in the palm of their hand with the Freight Vision app, keeping all parties ‘in the loop’ at all times.

Driver / Carrier Apple iOS and Android phone app that allows us to engage with carriers on the road

  • Job quote request
  • Carrier booking receipt
  • Job status
  • Carrier status/position monitoring
  • POD capture & submission (document recognition)
  • Signature on glass for internal POD
  • Data can be captured from subcontractors iOS and Android mobile applications, as well as integrations with leading telematics and TMS providers.

Once a load is in progress, full tracking is available with live ETA through the Freight Vision module. Progress from multiple subcontractors is consolidated in a single view, saving time and driving proactive service updates to clients.

After delivery, PODs can be captured with our mobile app and uploaded directly to the platform instantly, with signature on glass or document recognition scanning.

My first courier job for FLS 3 years ago was in a SWB leased van, I now run 3 vans and a Luton and employ 2 other full time drivers. 2 part time - all down to FLS - thankyou guys.

Martin - FLS Contracted Carrier

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