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Waste Logistics

Waste and Recycling Logistics 

FLS directors have extensive experience in the waste sector. With appropriate Waste Carriers Licensing and experience in recyclate export to India, Scandinavia, China and Canada. Optimising your waste transfer logistics, minimising transfer journeys, planning for all potential issues and remaining compliant are areas FLS excels in. With waste transfer and management now a global business, FLS freight forwarding will reliably transport materials with all the necessary paperwork at the most economical costs.

The waste recycling sector can generate £6.8bn per annum in gross value added (GVA) and supported 103,000 jobs in 2013. If broadening the definition to include repair, re-use and leasing activity that help extend the life of products, the contribution to the economy could be much greater. Data for 2013 suggests it could have been as high as £41bn to approximate GVA and 672,000 jobs, with £18.9bn of this being generated in the automotive sector.

Being registered as a waste carrier and as one of the leading waste management companies, Freight Logistics Solutions provide customers with a waste and recycling logistics solution that is fast, efficient and cost-effective.

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Reasons to use Freight Logistics Solutions for the Waste sector

Sector Experience

Time Critical Understanding

24/7 Customer Support

Full access to your freight data

Work With Our Licensed Waste Carriers

Waste movements are meticulously planned to make them as environmentally friendly as possible, and our providers are used to working in small or complex sites. We are also used to dealing with bails and bundles, also contaminants with appropriate materials handling, collecting on-time, whatever the waste.

FLS waste and recycling logistics team has experience with multiple waste streams for large, blue-chip and SME companies: including electrical waste, mixed construction or demolition waste, contaminated soil, plastic, paper, glass, metal, wood, food, and green waste – whatever needs to be correctly disposed of in a safe manner from one location to another.

Plan ahead with our optimised waste and recycling logistics solutions for the waste industry including managing waste transfer notes (WTN) and consignment documentation:

  • Experts in the handling and transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste following strict legislation such as the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations Act 2002 (COSHH)
  • Help you plan the sorting of commodities for recycling while minimising transport costs with full loads
  • Cross-border waste transfer and collection of materials such as scrap metal, timber, glass, etc from on-site to recycling centres
  • Optimised collections so that you can meet environmental targets, reduce carbon footprint, and meet deadlines
  • Real-time logistics at your fingertips – always know when your next delivery is scheduled
  • Managing recyclate export and declarations

So from express vans to curtain sider artics, talk to us about your current ‘pressure points’ and for more information on waste solutions call us on +44 (0)1633 288400 or email [email protected] or click here to send us a message

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