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Sustainability - Green Freight

Over 30% of all road freight mileage currently driven empty - Digitalisation is the key to Decarbonisation

FLS reduces your carbon responsibilities

The logistics industry has a significant impact on greenhouse gas emissions. Approx. 200 million metric tons of CO2 are emitted by trucks on European routes each year.  We would need 4 billion trees (a forest of the size of Germany!) to absorb this.

At FLS our technology and data driven approach reduces your transport emissions responsibilities.

Decarbonise your road transport with FLS Green Freight

Generally, the haulage company is only paid per mile to deliver, not to travel to pick up your load or for their journey home after. So, if carriers can find any load to take on route to their pickup, or for all or part of their return journey home, it helps cover some of the time and fuel costs, which improves the hauliers profit, reduces costs to the freight booker and very importantly means the vehicle is not traveling empty, causing unnecessary damage to our roads and environment through CO2.

Utilising digitalisation and FLS technology platforms

What fundamentally differentiates FLS from other service providers is we prioritise the sourcing of vehicles for your job based on the most appropriate vehicle type for your load AND its current proximity to your desired collection point NOT the origin of the vehicle. This dramatically reduces all too often forgotten empty journey to collection point.

FLS calculate the weight of Carbon used on your booked delivery journey is listed in your transport booking confirmation email and delivered on your Carbon Dashboard with your management reports inside your Client Portal


A scalable haulage supply chain, managed and deployed by FLS technology led transport matching algorithms.

Utilising our Carrier Portal and drivers App, carriers can submit their availability status and empty journey commitments by exact location and times, enabling our planners to not only support scaled supply chain options for our customers but support our carrier in reducing their empty mileage, improving availability and their profitability.

Typically, in the logistics sector carriers can only provide you with a vehicle that’s available in their yard but using FLS and our transport matching algorithms running across our huge pool of carriers means we can select an available vehicle for your collection by proximity, not only do you get your vehicle on site quicker, but it has also of course produced fewer emissions getting to you.

With almost 30% of all road freight mileage currently driven empty, FLS mission is to reduce this. Our data driven approach sources and controls vehicles more efficiently, which enables shippers to benefit from the right size vehicle from the best location and essentially reduce empty mileage:

  • Intelligent transport allocation – the most carbon cost effective vehicle type for your freight
  • Ai transport matching algorithms – selecting the closest carrier vehicle to the freight collection point. (Proximity not vehicle origin)
  • Evaluate if that carrier can make another delivery on route to reduce empty miles
  • Choosing the most fuel-efficient route to destination and delivery point
  • After delivery, fill that vehicle with another load close by to bring them home or close to the next collection point. (Return load)
  • Lower miles = Lower fuel = Lower costs = Lower CO2

Contact us to discuss how FLS can support your transport requirements and start reducing your carbon emissions now: 01633 288 400

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Your Green Freight Partner

Environmental Care

Through intelligent load allocation, FLS make sure the vehicle selected for your collection has the least environmental impact as possible for the load you have - RIGHT VECHICLE FOR THE RIGHT LOAD

Time Critical - Green Freindly

Through our Carrier Portals transport matching algorithms we secure closest available vehicle to collection not the closest Carrier by origin.

Full access to your green freight data

Through our Client Portal, access your Carbon spend analysis, and see where we have mitigated your carbon responsibilities by filling empty journeys.

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our dedicated GREEN team
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Our experienced operators will be able to support you and advise on lower carbon cost options on your consignment.

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