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One of FLS’ specialist sectors we supply a full range of packaging logistics solutions for the print and packaging industry including full onsite outsourced transport solutions, print ware, pick-n-pack, and packaging return from clients.

Importance of Packaging in Logistics

In this modern era, data is king. The more you know about a process, the more you can analyse, the greater efficiency you achieve, and the more successful the growth of your business. At FLS we offer key data insight solutions to better reach customers and improve the user experience.

The production of printed materials is no different. Gone are the days when it was enough to have an order arrive at a single location on time. In this increasingly global world, the logistics of how your content is distributed, reported upon, and managed is vital.

Top businesses are now prioritising cost reduction above increasing cash flow and organic expansion, demonstrating that the key to growth lies in lowering costs from improved logistics packaging.

For businesses managing their own printing supply chain, coordinating a successful logistics strategy is costly and time-consuming. Outsourcing this to supply-chain management allows you to benefit from enormous resources and buying power from a specialist. An excellent solution for your business.

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Reasons to use Freight Logistics Solutions for the Print & Packaging sector

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Full access to your freight data

Packaging Optimisation And Automation Experts

Role of Packaging in Logistics

Packaging is no longer simply a cardboard box but a way of protecting goods all the way throughout the supply chain, and more companies are offering personalised and bespoke packaging materials. The UK Packaging Manufacturing Industry has annual sales of £11 Billion and employs some 85,000 people – representing 3% of the UK’s manufacturing workforce. It is a major contributor to the UK GDP and a vital link in the Packaging Supply Chain.

In 2017, with more than 8,400 printing companies the UK was the world’s fifth-largest producer of printed products. This demonstrates the scale of the British print industry and gives the sense that the UK is one of the key players within the global print industry. In 2017, the British printing industry had a turnover of £13.8bn and employed 116,000 people across the UK, not far off the British pharmaceutical industry, which generates £15.2bn a year. The fact that UK printing holds its own against these two titans of UK business is a clear indicator of just how important printing is to the British economy.

Supply Chain Goals

FLS provides packaging logistics solutions to help you achieve your supply chain goals

Optimise your operational processes for print and packaging logistics with FLS, helping to reduce costs and make sure goods are delivered on time.

  • Logistics provision from the beginning i.e., raw materials or paper reams through to retail delivery, product end-life and with materials recycling
  • Packaging for the food sector – trailer contamination control
  • Return loads of high-value packaging products
  • Experienced in delivering large format print into sensitive construction environments
  • Experienced in magazine (including cover repackage) and print ware distribution
  • Supply of print and packaging materials for FMCG, automotive and retailers using JIT (just-in-time)
  • Options to book freight forwarding and shipments 24/7 via your phone
  • Full Truck Load (FTL) options to optimise large volumes of paper or packaging and transport in the most cost-efficient way
  • Maintain real-time visibility of your shipments with our cloud software

So from express same-day vans to curtain sider mega artics, talk to us about your current ‘pressure points’ in your supply chain call us on +44 (0)1633 288400 or email [email protected] or click here to send us a message

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