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Industrial Logstics

Industrial Engineering Logistics Services

The most important trends shaping today’s world economy – globalisation, the rapid growth of emerging markets, and the pace of technological development driven by engineering and manufacturing (E&M) businesses. Industrial logistics for a business essentially consists of outsourcing logistic activities to ensure a more efficient supply chain.

Our logistics services help to manage material and resource flow within a company which in turn pertains to production. Whether these companies focus on the extraction and transportation and final delivery of raw materials, production of high-tech and industrial manufacturing equipment, construction of advanced buildings, or sophisticated air, sea, and rail transportation solutions strong supply chains are key. Contact our dedicated logistics team for more information.

Real-time logistics solutions can provide your company with the right balance between quality, cost, flexibility and standardisation. Allowing you to be better prepared when facing the challenges in the industrial market that are commonly underpinned by regulatory demands.

We don’t just work within the engineering and logistics sector we also provide industry-specific logistic solutions to a wide range of sectors, including effective waste logistics management, retail and fashion transport solutions, the distribution of manufactured goods and much more.

Reasons to use Freight Logistics Solutions for the Industrial Engineering sector

Sector Experience

Time Critical Understanding

24/7 Customer Support

Full access to your freight data

Providing Logistics Solutions to Industrial Engineering Businesses Throughout the UK and Europe

In 2012, engineering sectors contributed £387 billion Gross Value Added (GVA) – a similar scale to the entire non-financial services industry (£505 billion) and nearly four times the combined size of the construction and real estate services sectors (£105 billion). The GVA of engineering sectors is estimated to have risen to £406.3 billion in 2014, which is equivalent to an estimated Gross Domestic Product (GDP) contribution of £455.6 billion, 27.1% of total UK GDP. Based on the potential employment projections of Engineering and nominal growth in output per employee averaging 3% each year, by 2022 this contribution is expected to increase to £542.2 billion in GVA and £608.1 billion in GDP

With global demand for materials used by engineering and manufacturing (E&M) businesses, the use of our global network and sophisticated logistics routes via air, sea and road is vital. Whether you are transporting raw materials, via tipper or tanker, or industrial equipment or construction materials via an artic flatbed that needs to be delivered to the site, FLS finds the best transit rates in the timescales you need to meet your requirements.

Logistics requirements in engineering may be complex, getting your freight on the right vehicle for the job, at the right price is the cornerstone of our objectives whilst our global expertise in air, sea, and road transportation gives peace of mind while our award-winning cloud software can be accessed 24/7 so you can see where current shipments have progressed. Major multinational companies trust FLS as their industrial engineering logistics partner across complex projects.

Why Choose Freight Logistics Solutions?

FLS understands the importance of having a plan and an overview of the machine transport process and the industrial machinery disassembly & assembly process. We will review data for each of the parts prior and during the packing process, so we increase the value of our machinery transport service. In this way, the number of required resources will be known when assessing transport costs.

FLS carries out land and offshore transport worldwide, with our central office located in South Wales and International office in Silverstone, (East Midlands) our logistics services are available across the UK, Europe and worldwide. The required procedures, insurance and permits required are dependent on codes and destination. We take it seriously when it comes to meet your needs for specialised machinery transport and machine moving needs, which is why we tailor our integration solutions to meet the individual needs of each industrial sector client.

Logistics needs in engineering may be complex, getting your freight on the right vehicle for the job at the right price is the cornerstone of our objectives whilst but our global expertise in air, sea, and road and rail transportation gives peace of mind while our award-winning cloud software can be accessed 24/7 so you can see where current shipments have progressed.

  • Safe transportation of everything from small components to heavy-duty oversized loads of production machinery and parts
  • Options to book freight forwarding and shipments 24/7 via your phone
  • Full Truck Load (FTL) options to optimise large volumes of materials and transport in the most cost-efficient way
  • Supply of machinery into sensitive pharma and medical environments
  • Maintain real-time visibility of your shipments with our cloud software

So from express vans to curtain sider artics, talk to us about your current ‘pressure points’ in your industrial logistics supply chain call us on +44 (0)1633 288400 or email [email protected] or click here to send us a message

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