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Fashion and Retail Freight Solutions For Your Business

Employing over three million workers the retail industry is vast and vital to the UK economy. In 2019 the industry generated £394billion worth of retail sales – but what is retail?

The Oxford English Dictionary describes retail as ‘the sale of goods to the public for use or consumption, rather than for resale.’ It encompasses shops, department stores, supermarkets, market stalls, door-to-door salespeople, and internet retailers.

The retail industry consistently accounts for around 5% of the Gross Value Added to the UK economy. 14% of all UK investment made by large non-financial-sector firms is made by large retailers. Retailers purchase around £180bn worth of goods for resale, supporting £47bn of output from other sectors.

The companies holding the largest market share in the Clothing Retailing in the UK industry case studies include Primark Stores Limited and Next Group plc. FLS have managed deliveries in and out of both across Europe.

Why Choose Us for Retail Logistics?

As a leading provider of fashion logistics solutions, at Freight Logistics Solutions we understand that fast and dependable retail logistics solutions are crucial for the global retail and e-Commerce industries to keep up with the demands of new product launches. The need for a fast and cost-effective fashion transport and retail supply chain is essential. Optimise your supply chain with better and more efficient supply chain solutions. From storage and retail warehouse management and UK distribution to European and global transport, supply-chain management, and freight management, FLS works with core retail businesses to ensure goods are where they need to be. Our logistics services are a key solution for retail including warehousing in fashion retail and managing logistics in fashion markets. We also specialise in express courier solutions, transportation services and important customer data insight.

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Freight Logistics Solutions for the Retail sector

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Retail logistics from omni-channel, e-Commerce or direct-to-consumer models have exploded in growth in 2020 alone, and we are ready to evolve and manage your supply of goods every step of the way.

Our highly sophisticated cloud software works in conjunction with your systems to manage inventory storage, transportation and “last mile” distribution from warehouses and fulfilment centres.

Meet customer demand in the most economical way.

Omni-channel retailers and fast-growing direct-to-consumer brands trust FLS for their 3PL e-commerce deliveries and warehousing needs:

  • End-to-end supply chain management, effectively controlling your merchandise levels and imports/exports
  • Consolidated loads delivered to DCs across the UK and Europe, and consolidated retail and e-commerce inventory
  • E-commerce services to manage the complete distribution through to ‘last-mile’ delivery
  • Customisable levels of service from FLS depending on the ‘ebb and flow’ of your retail operation e.g., sales, seasonal peaks
  • Competitive volume-based shipping rates that save your retail business time and money
    – FLS will always negotiate the best rates on your behalf

COVID19 Impact

  • In September 2020 retail sales volumes increased by 1.5% when compared with August; this is the fifth consecutive month of growth, resulting in an increase of 5.5% when compared with February’s pre-pandemic level.
  • While food sales have done well in recent months as people have eaten out less, non-food store sales have now made a recovery at 1.7% above their February levels.
  • In the three months to September, retail sales volumes increased by 17.4% when compared with the previous three months; this is the biggest quarterly increase on record as sales picked up from record-low levels experienced earlier in the year.
  • In September, fuel sales volumes were still 8.6% below February with reduced travel as many continued to work from home, and clothing sales volumes were still 12.7% below February.
  • Home improvement sales continued to do well in September with increased sales in household goods and garden items within “other” non-food stores.
  • The proportion of online sales was at 27.5%, compared with 20.1% reported in February, despite small monthly declines across most of the retail sector

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