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Efficient Logistics For The Automotive Industry

In the UK alone there are £44 billion worth of automotive parts, private and commercial vehicles and engines exported per year. Importation of automotive parts is estimated at £33.2 billion (World Stop Exports, 2019 figures).

A massively important sector for us, FLS are members of the Welsh Automotive Forum, which represents the interests of the automotive industry in Wales which consists of 2 niche vehicle makers, 40 Tier 1s and 2 OE Engine Plants, with a further 100 + companies in the service and supply chain, many of which are small and medium enterprises.  In total, some 16,000 people in Wales are directly employed in this sector with other jobs being generated by the multiplier effect.  The automotive industry generates sales on average of £3.2 billion per annum and has a combined payroll in excess of £0.5Bn per annum.

Award Winning FLS Partners With Automotive Companies to Deliver World-Class Logistics Globally

8 out of 10 cars manufactured in the UK are exported overseas to 160 different markets worldwide, says the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). That’s a whopping 14.4% of the entire UK export of goods. It’s no wonder that companies along the automotive supply chain trust FLS to deliver their goods globally, on timescales that work for automotive production schedules and don’t deviate from what’s promised.

Whether it’s parts packaging or a Porsche, Automotive time-critical deliveries must be on time to maintain on-schedule production logistics that meet sales targets, supply chain and market demands. Key industry players in the automotive industry also collaborate when it comes to time-critical components for mutual benefit to streamline their distribution solutions and costs.

With our international office located at the epicentre of British motorsports and automotive innovation, in Silverstone The Midlands, FLS works with you to ensure timely delivery solutions for OEMs and Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers – 24/7, worldwide with customs clearance solutions and worldwide logistics.

Freight Logistics Solutions for the automotive sector

Sector Experience

Time Critical Understanding

24/7 Customer Support

Full access to your freight data

FLS is a leading logistics provider across the automotive industry, optimising supply chains:

  • Highly experienced in multimodal methods of transportation
  • Experienced in JIT and time-critical deliveries
  • Experience with supply chain management and managing inbound supplier collections and cage, or stillage returns while synergising & streamlining transport collections and routes for leading automotive manufacturers improving their logistics efficiency
  • FLS meet critical deadlines, avoiding penalties that can be imposed by automotive OEMs in the event of a delay
  • Logistic service of vehicle production and fast transportation of automotive packaging, materials, parts
  • Existing relationships with OEM suppliers that supply a large portion of the car manufacturing market
  • With global demand for EVs (electric vehicles) increasing, FLS understands the need to safely transport hazardous batteries and complies with all relevant legislation on the transportation of automotive goods
  • Full supply chain visibility with KPIs, customs clearance management, and a dedicated Account Manager with 24/7 support from the team
  • Multimodal delivery options from 44,000+ vehicles

FLS – a preferred supplier of automotive logistics solutions:

  • Full visibility and flexibility around your logistics to meet current market needs
  • Commercial vehicles of any size, including full handling of customs and importation documentation
  • Transport of specialist items like agricultural machinery, bespoke production engineering equipment

Full supply of aftermarket products

  • Parts to keep the automotive industry moving – supplying JIT based on demand
  • FLS works with leading OEM and Tier 1 & 2 suppliers
  • Consultation on Warehousing Pick-n-Pack (under contract)
  • Transport Project Work
  • Express delivery options to ensure timely delivery

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The Motor Vehicle Manufacturing industry has endured a mixed performance over the five years. Strong demand at the start of the period can be attributed to strong domestic demand and export activity to non-European markets from leading firms such as Jaguar Land Rover. Demand from emerging economies was particularly strong, while improvements in the domestic economy led to the number of cars produced in Britain consistently increasing. Production reached its highest level in 17 years in 2016, signifying an impressive period of growth for the industry. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) reported that over 1.7 million cars were manufactured in 2016, an 8.5% increase on the previous year.

The industry is expected to contend with challenging operating conditions over the next five years. In the short term, the industry will have to contend with the economic shock caused by the coronavirus outbreak. Despite the sharp decline in revenue in the current year, trade volumes are expected to remain high after the United Kingdom and European Union agreed to keep broadly similar trading arrangements in December 2020. Export demand is expected to exhibit moderate increases in the long term in line with a recovery of global economic conditions. Domestically, output is expected to fall in the short term in line with falling demand and more customers delaying discretionary purchases, leading to revenue falling.

FLS are a fantastic team of people, from the top management down. Every member of the team I have had the pleasure to work with has been extremely helpful and has provided a fast effective solution to the requirement I have given them

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