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With few exceptions, freight transport remains one of the most critical areas for any organisation involved in selling or distributing physical products.  It does not matter how good the product is if it does not reach the destination on time, and in perfect condition, there will be an unhappy customer.

FLS provide industry leading supply chain and logistics consultancy across all sectors in the UK.

Working for clients across the UK, we are customer focused supply chain and logistics consultants with a very transparent, honest and hands-on approach from our everyday experience at the ‘coal face’

We support many organisations including the NHS and believe we have unparalleled insight into exactly what’s happening in the marketplace, the changes as soon as they happen and real life examples of how modifications to your current transport solution and future strategy can make significant differences to your customer service and bottom line.

Whether your business is seeking a total network review, or analysis of individual components of the network such as carriers used, prices paid, warehouse location or transport route modifications, we are here to help.

We like to operate as an extension of our client’s teams, providing on-hand expertise to help companies leverage the best service and value from their supply chains. We are experts in operational and strategic planning, ensuring that logistics assets and processes deliver at the right time to the right place. We cover all elements of supply chain management and specialise in, network design, supply chain planning, and logistics outsourcing.


Logistics networks are a connection of all the points in the supply chain where material moves to, and from. Logistics networks are the ‘life blood’ of a business. Over time these networks often become fragmented; as territories change, customer ordering patterns fluctuate and as companies invest and divest, so the network can lose its efficiency.

It’s critical to periodically review your network, effectively ‘defragmenting’ and ensuring maximum service at the most efficient cost. Delivering efficiency in a logistics network is probably the most major lever in reducing logistics costs. Correctly aligning and optimising infrastructure and resource to supply and demand points can have a significant return on investment.

Logistics outsourcing is an increasingly common initiative in many industries. The requirement to outsource logistics has grown in line with globalisation and increasing time and cost constraints on logistics operations. We’re here to guide and manage you through every aspect of outsourcing (on or off site).

Outsourcing logistics or supply chain operations is a major undertaking, and requires a full understanding of the business case, and full and detailed analysis of 3PL proposals from both a quantitative and qualitative perspective. To truly get the best solution from the 3PL market, companies need to engage providers in an open and collaborative way; they need to ensure that the logistics provider has a full and detailed understanding of how their operation works, and they need to approach the market with a clear and structured process.

The 3rd party logistics (3PL) market is in rapid growth and the need for 3PLs to develop increasingly innovative logistics solutions is critical to success in the 3PL market. Being competitive in this marketplace is not solely about pricing, but rather it is about demonstrating ingenuity and responsiveness in solution designs.

3PL solutions need to have the agility to respond to the increasingly high service expectations of end customers, and that agility must also be coupled with resource and cost efficiency as well as quality improvements.

3PL solution design should also now extend beyond the traditional provision and management of the physical assets in a logistics network. Solutions must also consider opportunities for improving service through the deployment of the latest IT platforms, and the 3PL providers need to consider how they can bring further value through supporting procurement, returns processing, inventory management and demand planning in multi-channel environments.

Transport routing is a mathematical optimisation problem with a large number of constraints including vehicle capacity, access restrictions, load configuration and delivery windows.

Transportation is a major cost factor within any logistics operation. Often transport accounts for up to 70% of logistics spend and rarely is it less than 30%. Consequently, maximising the utilisation of transport assets is a main area of focus for transport routing.

The goal of transport routing is to minimise route time or distance, whilst maximising vehicle fill and reducing assets. Of course, this also needs to be balanced against service level agreements and operational constraints. This is where our consulting team excel; we can plan your transport operation at a granular level, whilst factoring in all constraints and service level requirements.

If you’re considering a review of your logistics or thinking of putting your transport out to tender – talk to us first


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