The corner stone of our digital freight solution, is the FLS Client Portal, a cloud-based software platform that makes subcontracting faster, more intelligent, data driven and more transparent for clients.

Client Portals are individually deployed to meet the exact needs of every organisation, your user login details define what you can see and do, so one organisation can manage multiple depots and predefined rates, where they can deliver with the vehicle types available to them. As well as booking requests, you can access your depot booking history, terms, rates, job tracing, management information, monthly reports, KPIs and PODS.

Its very simple to use and below is a user guide, giving you an over view of just how useful it is.


If you feel your organisation would benefit from our Client Portal digital freight solution please do not hesitate to call the FLS Business Support Team (opt 8) on 01633 288400 or email

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