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The vital role vehicle capacity plays in successful logistics for manufacturers

Improve your freight transport capacity

In today’s fast-paced global marketplace, manufacturers understand the significance of seamless freight movements for their businesses. The efficient transportation of goods is paramount to meet customer demands, maintain competitive advantage, and optimise supply chain operations. A crucial element in achieving this goal lies in the capacity and availability of reliable freight vehicles provided by your freight forwarder.

Manufacturers not only rely heavily on their transport providers to react quickly to their needs and flex their transport provision and capacity in line with the peak and flow demands of their business, but they also rely on their expertise to ensure their goods are transported ergonomically, safely and promptly. The scale and quality of carriers in your transport providers portfolio is vitally important to ensure demands are met in this ever-changing economic landscape.

The embracing of the role of strong data and the usage of a digital freight forwarder could be the answer to ensuring manufactures have the freight capacity that they need for economic success.

FLS Onsite LogisticsUnlike a traditional haulier, fundamentally a digital freight forwarder uses digital technology to secure and engage the best possible transport solution on behalf of their clients, uninhibited by time and capacity restrictions, and of course any responsibilities of deploying its OWN fleet no matter their location.

An extensive resource of onboarded carriers provides capacity that allows manufacturers to ship large quantities of products, regardless of size or weight. This flexibility enables businesses to meet varying demand levels across the year and avoid bottlenecks in the supply chain.

The availability of a diverse range of freight vehicles is equally important. Shippers often deal with a wide array of cargo types, from perishable goods to delicate machinery. The digital freight forwarder with an extensive selection of vehicles can cater to diverse freight requirements. This ensures that manufacturers can ship their products with the utmost care, maintaining their quality throughout the journey.

The digital forwarding process also removes manual requirements that shippers face daily as the supply chain are engaged with technology that makes allocation, notification alerts and POD confirmations more accessible with minimal time constraints.

Moreover, the reliability of freight vehicles significantly impacts manufacturers’ operations. Delays or breakdowns can disrupt production schedules, lead to inventory shortages, and ultimately affect customer satisfaction. A digital freight forwarder firstly invests in relationships with well-maintained fleet providers, adhering to rigorous maintenance schedules and employing skilled drivers and secondly an extensive resource means where there are issues the carrier is quickly replaced with an alternative. This commitment to reliability minimises the risk of unexpected disruptions and ensures timely deliveries, enhancing manufacturers’ overall productivity and customer relationships.

The importance of good capacity and availability of freight vehicles extends beyond domestic transportation. In an increasingly interconnected world, manufacturers often engage in international trade, necessitating efficient cross-border logistics and of course customs. Digital Freight Forwarders equipped with a customs team and an international network of carriers and vehicles can seamlessly facilitate cargo movements across borders, offering manufacturers peace of mind and confidence to expand their market reach.

Since our launch, FLS has developed and deployed pioneering digital solutions for the manufacturing sector, offering customers dedicated road transport and customs combined with exceptional service and value. As part of our digitalisation journey, we have invested heavily in our business systems, increasing our network of trusted carriers, and developing the UK’s largest network of carriers, whilst also improving visibility of vehicle availability and transit options for our customers.

FLS have over 15,000 carriers running over 50,000 vehicles that are engaged with our technology informing our planners digitally when they are empty, where they are and where they want to go.

With this accessibility of vehicles and digital freight forwarding process we are now able guarantee capacity for our customers for all their UK or European requirements.

Our goal is always to keep maximising the scale of our road-based supply chain, engaging the best quality vehicle, with a quick turnaround and sustainable approach.

Creating Sustainable journeysAlthough the information is focused on creating capacity no conversation regarding transport can be complete without mentioning the ever-growing focus on tackling carbon emissions. in making a difference now.
FLS sustainable approach supports manufacturers in managing and reducing their carbon responsibilities using several techniques. From allocating the right size vehicle for the load requirements to mitigating empty mileage through to sourcing vehicles based on collection proximity rather than origin depot. Reducing emissions requires knowledge, data, planning and extensive resource and a digital freight forwarder can play a strategic role.

In addition to a sustainable approach that saves carbon now, we are seeing an improving number of HVO, Hydrogen and EV vehicles within our supply chain albeit very limited in accessibility due to the cost and infrastructure restraints. We do however fully expect to be market leading in the accessibility of these vehicles and other more carbon efficient trailer options as we drive towards a carbon neutral economy, , combined with  government driven initiatives.

Shippers rely on the capacity, availability, and reliability of freight vehicles to facilitate smooth and frictionless cargo movements. By partnering with a trusted digital forwarder who offers an extensive and diverse resource of well-maintained vehicles, manufacturers can ensure their products are transported efficiently, meeting customer demands and optimising their supply chain operations. In today’s dynamic business landscape, the significance of a reliable freight vehicle resource cannot be overstated – they are the driving force behind successful freight movements and the lifeline of manufacturers worldwide.


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