FLS Carrier Portal is a cloud-based software platform that makes our subcontracting faster, more intelligent, more environmentally friendly and more transparent for us and our clients.

  • Exclusive marketplace
  • Quote before load hits open market
  • Automated bookings
  • Digital order management
  • Fleet profile management and telematic integrations
  • Empty load planning
  • Route Assistance
  • Full visibility and accounting
  • Electronic PODs, and invoicing

The platform matches our available loads to be filled to available vehicle specific capacity based on real-time location data, planned journeys and future vehicle locations.

Owner / drivers are able to simply down-load an *app from apple or google stores to run their business with us.

Organisations with more than 1 vehicle can use the subcontractor version of the FLS Carrier Portal to allocate received bookings to specific vehicles and manage their fleet profile availability and accounts with us.

To join our preferred suppliers’ list, for user name and password –
please call the Operations Support Team (op8) on 01633 288400
or email portal@freightlogisticssolutions.co.uk

Go TO: FLS Carrier Portal

*The App

Our FLS Driver App is the perfect way for our preferred carriers to see all our of available loads at their fingertips.

Our smartphone application offers the ability to stay connected to the FLS Exchange Portal on the move. Drivers simply register their real-time availability status and ‘return journeys’. They can receive and respond to notifications of available jobs directly on their mobile and quote costs and available wherever you are in UK and Europe.

Our system will post job details and then booking confirmation and instructions, when job rates are agreed, whilst the driver is on our job using the app our system can see where they are and what their status is (in transit, waiting, resting, tipping, completed) and allow drivers to scan and submit signed PODs straight into our backend system.

FLS and customers benefit from true real-time visibility and alerts for freight options in the palm of your hand with the Freight Vision app. Keep our team and our customers ‘in the loop’ at all times.

Driver / Carrier IOS and Android phone app that allows us to engage with carriers on the road

  • Job quote request
  • Carrier booking receipt
  • Job status
  • Carrier status/position monitoring
  • POD capture & submission (document recognition)
  • Signature on glass for internal POD

Data can be captured from subcontractors iOS and Android mobile applications, as well as integrations with leading telematics and TMS providers.

Once a load is in progress, full tracking is available with live ETA through the Freight Vision module. Progress from multiple subcontractors is consolidated in a single view, saving time and driving proactive service updates to clients.

After delivery, PODs can be captured with our mobile app and uploaded directly to the platform instantly, with signature on glass or document recognition scanning.